Aug 142013

(posted by Paula Allchin)

Information about a new device designed by Remap Engineer Graham Law

I built the first HAPP (Huff & Puff Processor) device to help Bekki the girl with Smile Operated E-reader on our Remap web page.

She is 23 years old with a spinal tumour C1 equivalent paralysed on long term trachi ventilation, She has no movement at all below the chin. Her 24 hour carers had to do everything for her including all her social networking, she had no privacy.

I first met Bekki through building the E-reader page turner that was a Remap job but the HAPP breath operated computer controller was an idea I had been working on as private research and Bekki was in real need of something like it.  

I knocked the first prototype together last January and Bekki sent me first email 24hrs later… that was very pleasing. I then got ‘hassle’  (in a nice way) from the other Remap engineers who saw it and rightly said others should benefit from this device.

As a Remap engineer this was new territory as I was used to only producing one-off’s but I have now set up to build more in very small volumes.  

The HAPP is aimed at one of the worst kind of disablement where the user is totally paralysed below the chin.  If they can move their head then a HAPP is a great help but other devices could also be used even  a stick held in the mouth & such people do find such solutions and ‘get by’, all things being relative.

But with zero head movement your options to use a computer are close to zero.  Eye Gaze offers some hope but they are VERY expensive, very odd to use if your used to normal PC operation, need dwell clicking and don’t work for everyone.

The HAPP is designed for such people.

So now I have what I believe to be an effective solution and would like other panels to at least be aware of it as our engineers come across Bekkis sadly not infrequently.  

I don’t want any active selling just an awareness of the availability.

See for more information

Bekki recently sent me this testimonial :

“The HAPP is really good, I use it everyday.  This has improved my life in communicating and doing things myself rather than ask my carers to do it. I can now search the web, chat to my friends and play games.  It allows me to have some privacy and independence that I didn’t have before.”   Rebecca Facer

Graham Law, Secretary & Engineer Leicestershire & Rutland Panel