Jul 162012

(posted by Susan Iwanek  s.iwanek@remap.org.uk)

There are two types of case I am particularly interested in at the moment: cases involving sports, and cases involving gardening.

Have you done work recently to help clients get involved in sport? We are aiming to produce a leaflet dedicated to sporting projects, building on panels’ successes with throwing seats for clients such as Derek Derenalagi. Sailing-oriented projects would be of particular interest as we have a display in Weymouth during the Paralympics. Please let me know of anything like this and send pictures if possible.

Secondly, we have the opportunity of getting coverage in the Sunday Telegraph if we have good gardening stories. They are running a feature entitled ‘gardening against the odds’ and the journalist concerned has approached me to ask if Remap has done cases that fit this theme. Have you helped someone continue their gardening hobby when they were faced with having to give it up. Do let me know!

Please let me have your stories as soon as possible.