Jul 122012

Derek Derenalagi, the discus thrower for whom the South Bucks panel made a throwing frame, won gold at the European Games in Holland on June 24, and this week the announcement was made that he has been picked for the British Paralympic team. Hopes for him are high; at the European games he beat the Russian world record holder, who will be his chief rival at the Olympic Stadium in August.

Another Remap client picked for the Paralympics is Kieran Tscherniawsky, who also throws discus but in a different class from Derek as he has cerebral palsy. Kieran has had his throwing chair adapted by Remap’s Leicester panel. His trainer felt it was too close to the Paralympics for him to adapt to an entirely new chair in time, but the panel are likely to be building him a fresh one after the Paralympics, in preparation for the World Cup in two years’ time.

I am sure every Remap member will be cheering Derek and Kieran on and hoping for medals for them.