Mar 222012

The CEO was at Broadcasting House last Thursday to hear Quentin Cooper record his appeal for funds for Remap, to be broadcast on Sunday 15 April. He did an excellent job of conveying in just two minutes what a marvellous charity Remap is. Special mention was made of a project to help Derek, who lost his legs in Afghanistan but is trying for a paralympics medal later this year. For more about this, see the next blog posting.

Quentin is the presenter of Radio 4’s Material World, and has a strong interest in science and technology. As well as recording our appeal he paid tribute to Remap in a separate statement which the BBC will use in publicity for the appeal on its website.

The appeal will be broadcast at 7.55 am and 21.26 on Sunday 15 April and repeated on Thursday 19 April at 15.27.
Please let everyone you can know that it is taking place.