Dec 072018

Dog Aid, a charity which trains assistance dogs for the disabled have many clients who struggle with undoing the dog harness fastener. They have tried ‘push to click and squeeze to release’ and Velcro and both are difficult for some users. Does anyone know of a suitable actuated fastener or any other ideas? Comment below!

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  1. Have a look at Fidlock V-Buckle, a magnetically retained 25mm buckle that is easy to join and separate. Available from Amazon, eBay and some outdoor equipment suppliers.

  2. There are alternatives to the use of a harness, these are only really required if the dog pulls on the lead (training should have eliminated this tendency), A “half-choke” collar adjusted so that when tight fits the dog’s neck can be permanently attached to the lead and slipped over the dog’s head when required. It does mean that a flat collar has to be worn as well to carry the legally required identification tags.

  3. Thanks to all who responded. I will discuss these with the client.

  4. There was a lead rein connector on Dragons Den some time ago don’t think any body invested. Looked a bit like the Maglock maybe it was that one

  5. The request is about the harness rather than the lead isn’t it? Any chance of a picture of the harness showing the difficulty? Is it a standard belt buckle that is too difficult?

  6. A G-Hook might be worth a look – like one of these

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