Dec 032018

Terry Tomlin (Glos Remap) writes:

I have been donated an ELAP* ( ) passenger side rotating car seat. It was originally fitted to a Peugeot 505.

It is a manual device and as such I gather from the manufacturers that it is less adaptable than a current fully “X / Y” motorised unit, however it may give someone the basis for a project ! It is free to Remap users ( though we normally don`t modify cars ). If to an “outsider”, maybe a donation to Remap can be made.

I am based in The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. User to view or arrange collection.

If there is no interest I will endeavor to sell it via e-bay in January.

Terry Tomlin   07870244340 /

* ELAP have a network of local distributors who might be willing to advise.


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