Nov 232018

Any suggestions that could be done by non-Remap people would be helpful.  At the moment we don’t have a group close to Cardiff although we are working on it.  If anyone in that area can help – great!

Georgina writes:

I am writing on behalf of a client. I am a student occupational therapist in Cardiff Community Services.

My client is having problems with their stair lift. She is under 5ft and the foot rest is too low for her. She is unable to rest her feet flat on the foot rest which is also affecting her sitting position in the chair. She feels unsafe when using the stair lift and would like the foot rest to be padded out or raised if possible. I have attended a joint visit with the stair lift providers and they are unable to modify the stair lift any further or provide another more suitable chair lift.

Thank you for any help or advise.

Kind Regards

Georgina Wardle

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  1. I have emailed Georgina for more details (which I will share here) and, if practical, would be willing to do the job remotely.
    BTW, there is a hackspace in Cardiff who might be approachable:

    • I understand Remap Gwent have made contact, so I will leave them to solve this problem!

  2. Georgina, whatever is used it must not be fastened on by wrapping anything like straps or ties round the footrest.The footrest has sensors on both sides to sense any obstructions on the stairs. If these are pushed it stops the chair to avoid damage to the blocking item or damage to the chair.
    As Mark mentioned the footrest usually folds out of the way when the seat is parked. If this is necessary the block would need to be removable. It could perhaps be attached with velcro.
    Harry Davis, Lancs. NW Panel

  3. I use EVA foam a fair bit for jobs of this general type. Did a booster cushion for a shower chair just the other week (it’s a closed-cell foam so doesn’t absorb water).

    It’s firm but does compress a little bit, and can be cut with a knife/saw to shape, and the edges sanded with rough abrasive/glass paper to tidy them up.

    You can also put a hole through it with a drill (at v.low speed or just turn the bit by hand) – so you can then put cable or Velcro ties through it to attach it to things. Whilst I’ve personally melted holes through it with heated bits of copper pipe, the fumes are pretty nasty and I wouldn’t recommend it (and certainly not indoors!).

    You can get closed-cell EVA foam online in sheets of various thicknesses ( are a good supplier) – but you can also get it in a number of more readily available forms:

    Yoga blocks
    Swimming floats
    Interlocking floor tiles for children’s play areas (probably a bit too thin for this particular purpose)

  4. Does the footrest have to be folded out of the way? If it can remain in place a block of some sort would be easy to obtain at any timber yard. Might need something to stop it slipping.. . ..

  5. Hi a photo would help, we have instigated a similar problem but never made anything. Maybe a bean bag and some cable ties? If you could sew a bag of the correct size you could fill it with rice or dried beans, make sure it doesn’t split! Some recycled polystyrene packaging may help.

    Ashley Remap Essex North

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