Nov 162018

Ashley of Essex North writes:

I wonder if you could ask the Remap community if anybody has had experience of this sort of head brace. Or indeed made one.  I have been helping a Client for a few years now who can’t wear a collar and this would appear to be just what she wants but I have my doubts.

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  1. Hi all Thanks I’m considering my next move. I’m not minded to make a brace similar to the Oxford Lees as it can be obtained via the NHS and we Remap Essex North have a lot of other clients. However my client does still need help on my last visit she suggested I make a pole to attached to the seat back of her dining chair then she can strap her head to it, she already does this from the car head rest – I hasten to add as a passenger. I have made at least 4 hand held chin supports.
    I do like the idea of a laminated wooden support a bit of flexibility better than my thoughts of an aluminium pole. I’ve done quite a bit of laminating wood over the years so it is definitely something I’m going to try for the chair back pole as it will need a 5 -10 degree bend.
    Ashley Remap Essex North.

  2. Have you thought about making the vertical rear support of a light laminated wood construction which would allow sight forward movement whilst retuning to the vertical as a default state.

  3. I tried similar once for a MND client, but it meant he couldn’t look down while walking, and he tripped over.
    Worth looking at

    • Useful resource that – and a good point Mike. It feels quite unnatural to bend forward at the waist to look down. In the cap example I mentioned, the client could at least adjust it such that their head was slightly forward and get a better view of the ground when walking.

  4. Hi Ashley – I’ve done a couple of cases in recent years with forehead strap support method due to a collar being unsuitable, but in both cases, the client was wheelchair bound so the support was secured to the headrest of the wheelchair, rather than the client. But looking at the picture, there is no reason why that solution wouldn’t work.

    What I would say is the head support band needs to be able to be set just right height-wise, and it suits someone who has completely lost the strength in their neck muscles – such that the weight of their head will keep the strap in position on their forehead. The mounts for the webbing strap need to be strong as there is a surprising amount of pull on them. The pad for the strap also needs to be very comfortable, and readily washable/interchangeable (I made spares).

    One of my team did another project which was similar in principle to the item below, but involved sewing the support straps to a favourite hat to make it a little less obvious. The client wanted to just use it for short periods of time instead of a collar – and to be honest, it’s only really suitable for that sort of use, But worth bearing in mind too.

  5. I’ve had a similar request today. Not met client yet, but seen equivalent on neck
    There is also a simple brace device which could be another approach and certainly could be tried

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