Oct 112018

John Hill (NE Wales Remap) asks:

I have a new client who cannot grip the cords to control a window blind. The blinds have not yet been bought. I’m hoping that someone in Remap could give me some advice as to what sort of blinds (fitted in a conservatory) would be best suited or know of any devices available to help him grip the cords? Motorised blinds will be too expensive. His gripping ability is expected to improve slowly with time.

Many thanks,

John Hill



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  1. If the blinds have not been purchased yet, I would suggest that vertical slat type are preferable as the effort to open / close is minimal. Obviously these are normally tailored to suit the aperture size so cost more than standard `off the shelf` blinds.

    Ron Foster
    I.O.W.. Panel

  2. very simple buy ‘electric blinds’ we have had them fitted in an inaccessible bay window activated by remote control. for the past 10 years … costly but the simplest answer

  3. Another option given they haven’t been fitted yet is rather than go for something like a corded roller blind, go for a cranked handle type. An example of what I mean is here.


  4. Have you considered the Prusik Loop? It’s bidirectional and easily added to a standing rope/cord. It does require two hands (one to hold the cord taut and the other to slide the loop along it, before pulling on the loop) but little dexterity – it’s widely used by climbers wearing all manner of gloves and mittens.

    Sometimes the simplest solution can work quite well..

    • Plastic bag closers like these:
      grip cord well, and could be clipped on anywhere as a handle. Find in any supermarket.

      • A similar idea would be to use a clothes peg if the client has the grip to open it. Clip it on the cord, grip the peg at the end that normally grips the clothes; the client’s grip will add to the grip of the spring and hopefully be enough to pull the cord

        • I would suggest that vertical slat blinds are preferable as the initial drawing across is quite straight forward and the daily opening/ closing only involves rotating the slats through 90 degrees via the cord control. Invariable these blinds have to be tailored to fit but this provides a neat unobtrusive solution.

          Ron Foster
          I.O.W. Panel

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