Sep 202018

David Rowlinson from Guernsey has contacted us for help.  Does anyone have any ideas which may help him? Perhaps he could find a local tradesperson to help if we supplied the ideas?

David is happy to be contacted directly if anyone can help.



I have a muscle wasting condition called Inclusion Body Myositis. My biggest issue right now is climbing stairs and getting up from chairs etc. I need a leg device which could hopefully assist with this.

thank you for considering.



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  1. New from David:
    Hi Paula,

    Thanks, no I hadn’t seen them. I am due to be reviewed by an OT shortly, although we are ok at home as have adjusted accordingly.

    My problem is when travelling for work, sitting at meetings, restaurants etc and getting up from chairs, in and out of cabs, stairs etc.

    Exoskeleton stuff may be the way I need to go, I have been looking at these: would you or any of your colleagues have a view on these?

    Thanks again.

    Best regards


  2. David – can you be more specific on what you require e.g. is lifting your leg difficult? Restricted vertical movement? Would a portable 1/2 step be of use for climbing stairs. I made one of these with a long handle so that it could be easily moved up or down each step to reduce the amount which you need to raise your foot. Would raising your chair help getting up?

  3. I believe this is another case where the client should be assessed first by an OT or physio. This cannot be done remotely by an engineer.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you Robert. At one extreme of conditions such as this, it might be possible to make something that improves certain situations as per Raymond’s reply, and it would certainly be possible to improve home living with commercial products such as stair lifts, electrically operated chairs that help you up and/or are raised etc.

      But a device to help up ANY set of stairs and out of ANY chair is a different proposition entirely, and at the far extreme, implies exoskeleton type support if the muscle wastage is severe.

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