Sep 122018

Anyone fancy taking this on at a distance?

An OT in Pembrokeshire has asked if we could make a small cover to go over the controls of a powerchair, to stop the child it belongs to from turning it on and off at inappropriate times. He’s happy to provide photos and measurements.

Please comment below or email Sophie if you’d be interested. Thanks all!

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  1. Hi Sophie
    I am new to REMAP but as I live near Tenby I would be pleased to have a look at this issue. On the face of it, Ashly Slater’s suggestion looks promising. It may not even need to be key operated but simply out of reach of the patient.
    It would be helpful if the OT could provide some photographs (measurements not required at this stage) then I could arrange to visit.
    Can you please let me have an email address or phone number in order that I can make contact.
    Bob McKay

  2. Could you not put a key-operated switch in the power feed to the controller?
    Surprised the chair cannot be switched off when not in usr

  3. Operation of many electric wheelchairs is inhibited when the battery charger is connected. This is accomplished by connecting an extra pin on the connector (in addition to the positive and negative) to one of the other pins. Usually the connector is a 3 pin one known as XLR, as used on professional microphones. Some w/chairs use the +, some use the -ve. It may be possible to plug in an alternative connector when not charging, connected to a switch located where the child cannot reach, which would prevent operation by the normal controls.
    MikeNevett, Leics panel

  4. Hi Sophie,

    Depending on the size of the cover, it sounds like something that I could print.

    Where abouts in Pembrokeshire?



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