Sep 102018

We’ve had the following request from an OT near Scarborough. Is anyone able to help?

I am a family coordinator for a social care team in East Riding. I work with families who have children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities.  I was hoping you would be able to  help a young boy I am working with.

The child is 6 years old. He has been diagnosed with a condition that affects the shape of the skull. It affects this boys face where one side of his face is further out and the other is more sunk in.

This boy loves swimming but he had to stop as the next part of his lessons involved going under water. He is unable to wear standard children’s swimming goggles as water gets in the lenses due to the shape of his face. 

This boy would love to be able swim as he gets a lot of enjoyment out of swimming as well as gives him regular exercise and interacting with his peers.

If someone would be able to help get this boy back swimming we would all be very grateful.

If you’re able to help, please contact central office and we’ll put you in touch with the OT. Thanks all!

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  1. Just to follow up on this one, my treasurer Mike lives in York and has agreed to pick this up. I’ve spoken to the OT and the offset required isn’t that great – maybe 5mm. So we are going to either try my polymorph bridge idea OR make a temp adjustable bridge with a view to 3D printing the bridge rather than the whole goggle. That seems easier than trying to get a good seal with anything we make.

    Will let you know the outcome guys – and thanks for the offers of remote help.

    • Just to let you know this is now resolved. Mike took a pair of goggles which already had a flexible bridge connector and 3D printed a little gadget to alter the bridge position on one side.

  2. Just a thought but it looks like Speedo have their development labs in Nottingham (, it might be worth contacting them in case they fancy taking this on?


  3. My swimming goggles are the type with a hard tab moulded to each goggle and a rubber removable bridge between the two. It looks feasible to take a set of goggles of that design, and make a stepped bridge out of polymorph, and screw it to the tabs – such that one lens is the required distance behind the other. The distance would need to be spot on for it to work.

  4. perhaps some plasticine, clay or similar to get mould around the eyes prior to printing?

  5. Hi,

    I’m miles away (berkshire) so probably couldn’t visit, but if someone nearby can pop along to see the boy and knock up a sketch of whats required, I could probably 3d print up a few designs of goggles that could be tried. We could glue in some proper lenses to ensure good visibility.



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