Aug 072018

If so, RS Components would like your help. They’ve been in touch with the following request:

We’re in the process of developing an exciting new project for RS Components and DesignSpark that reflects the ever-increasing interest in single board computers from everyone from hobbyists to industrial designers – and we’d love your help. 

We’re looking for experts like you to help us inspire people with the great ideas you’ve been involved in creating. We’ll then promote these stories to our audiences to stimulate their imaginations and encourage them to take their projects to the next level. 

We want to write stories that will be of interest to any of the following groups: 

  • Makers (students and hobbyists)
  • Promakers (Makers taking their first steps into the commercial world)
  • IoT and Industrial Designers (these are self-explanatory) 

The stories will cover the motivation behind the projects, the equipment used, the result and anything you would have done differently. Ideally, a photograph of the finished project would be great too.  

If you’ve used a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other SBC in a recent project and you’d be happy to chat with one of the RS team about it over the phone, please drop an email to Sophie ( and she’ll put you in touch.  Thanks everyone!