Mar 222018

John Hill (Wales North) writes:


I have a client with limited hand movement who is interested in using voice recognition and activation software to type into applications such as Microsoft Word documents. He uses Windows Seven operating system which does have such inbuilt voice activation software but, with limited computer experience, he is uncertain about putting it into operation.

I have tried this software using my own Windows 10 OS and, despite using the training system that familiarises it with my voice, have found it is a bit temperamental and makes many errors, a problem apparently found by many other users.

Has anyone else used this Windows software with more success or used any alternative software?  Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Dragon Dictate – hands-down winner!

  2. You could have a look at: – I spoke to them a while ago and they certainly know about this type of problem, although I think some money needs to be spent to get the right product.

  3. I had a client who earned her living at home with her computer (she had a spinal problem which forced her to work supine or on he side). She relied extensively on Dragon software and spoke highly of it. Past tense because she passed away two years ago. I do not have personal experience of voice-activated computer operation.

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