Feb 152018

Ashley (Remap Essex North)would like to know if anyone knows where: I can obtain child proof buckles for 40mm webbing. Or has anybody modified a buckle to be childproof. I have a client who can easily undo her side release buckle. Lockable ones are available in 100s at considerable cost but they need a key not sure that is a good idea. It is for a shower chair  I have a solution but replacing the two buckles with something childproof would be much easier.




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  1. Ashley appears to have answered his own question with https://www.contactleft.co.uk . Why is it that Google manages to find nothing one day then exactly what you need the next. You may like to post the answer, I’ve ordered two lockable buckles now I have to persuade the client to let me have the strap for a couple of days so I can modify it.

    Thanks for the comments

  2. No problem! At one time we had quite a production line going for these. Make a cover for the buckle (the bottom part of a suitable size pill bottle works well). Cut a slot for the tongue to pass through and a small hole above the release button. The latter can be operated by any suitable prodder such as the ignition key. Include a simple indication of method of release for those unfamiliar with the device. I can send photos if you so wish.

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