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Dressing Aids Electric dressing aid Jack needed help putting on coats and shirts The gentleman has a spinal injury and is unable to put on his shirt or jacket without assistance

North Wales need help with the following please:

I haveĀ  looked into Remapedia and found 4 dressing situations that may help one of our OTs and engineer but don’t really solve the problem. (see attachments above, some pictures not very clear)

A young gentleman who has no movement or power at all in his arms and hands wants to be able to put his own shirt on to go to work every day rather than have care staff do this for him.

Something has been made as a prototype but hasn’t worked – it was a coat hanger with pegs on a rise and fall mechanism, as you can imagine with no movement once one arm drops into the lowered position, the shirt is then tightened as it would your own thus changing the position available for the other and of course he can’t alter his position to facilitate this.

Our Engineer and OT have tried a few things but wonder if anyone has come across a similar problem and resolved it but not archived it ?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated..


julia.mcguire@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk>; Peter Chambers <julienw2004@yahoo.co.uk

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  1. Just to close the thread – we have passed on the dressing aid we had to Julia and team to try with the client.

  2. I have retreived from a R.E.M.A.P. ex Client an upright tailor made wher the jacket/shirt is lightly but safely hung backward on supports fitted on a portable upright 12 volts wheel-chair type led-acid battery .with fully adjustable height from approximatey 2 to 6 Fee, The rise and fall are foot operated fitted on a very low pedestal. The Client arms would be hanging by the side just over the sleeves inserts and by pressing the “UP foot-switch, the garmentwill allow the arms to be inserted into the sleeves and when the adjustable upper limit is reached, an automatic mechanism will tilt forward and drop the jacket onto the shoulders. Ths “coat hanger” has been working successfully for some time in the recent past. Perhaps it now will reqyure some slight adjusments, I hope this may be useful. Regard Alberto.

  3. Could you fihold the top of the shirt in the correct position using two strong spring clips (as on M&S hangers). Both arms could be put in in the lower position and the shirt raised as at present. When at shoulder level the shirt could be released by the client’s movement or, if this wasn’t possible by a mechanism to open the clips.

  4. Hi – we have just taken back in a dressing aid which has been in service for a few years. It was to help someone on with their coat. I will send the details.

    Regards, Ian

  5. Hazy memory – years ago one was in use for years. Base and upright behind person. On base was a battery electric screwdriver with pulley to wind cord also foot operated lever to work on/off & forward/reverse (=up/down). Up top, pulley and on cord coat hanger and clothes pegs.
    our chap could ready the shirt, get both hands in position and raise both sleeves together. Possibly pulling pegs off by lifting hanger above shoulder, can’t remember.

    Retired, ex Chichester Panel

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