Jan 222018

John Fuller from Shropshire Remap asks for help with the following please:

We have a request to supply an adaptation to enable a client to have a quick connect/disconnect between an Invacare “FOX” powered chair and a Britax “B-Agile” baby buggy.

The buggy has a triangular undercarriage so the attachment requires the rear wheels of the buggy to be lifted off the ground when in use.

The client has limited use of left hand and the wheelchair power controls are on the right.

Additionally when the buggy is detached it is required as a conventional buggy for the Father’s use.

I have looked at the excellent adaptation by South Bucks back in 2012 but cannot see how it would adapt to this particular chair/buggy combination.

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated


John Fuller


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  1. Hello John.

    REMAP Gwent have also made a adaptation for a father that wished to attach his baby’s pushchair to his wheelchair, then be able to get over kerbs etc with ease.
    If you wish to the see pictures I can email them to you.

    Best wishes, Roger Vaughan

  2. Hello John,
    I have recently designed and made a way of connectilng a hand powered wheel chair to a baby buggy which folds up to become a cradle to hold a baby for ISO fix in the rear seat.The mother is wheelchair bound.Am off to Wales early tomorrow and back on Thursday.Will then send you some photos of what it looks like, if nothing else it might give some ideas.My tel. No. Is 01733 239107 plus answerphone.
    Good luck
    Jasper Renold

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