Oct 302017

Hi Folks There two chairs available need batteries (£150.00 for the wheel chair, £300 for the scooter) otherwise free to good homes… Available for collection any time. GU4 7ND Would just love to get them out of the workshop!

Also have a bed over free standing hoist and left hooker straight stanner stair lift needing new homes.

Jim Allen Surrey Remap Panel Projects Manager  jim.allen1@talktalk.net

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  1. Hi Jim don’t get your hopes up. I have a client who wants a powered shower chair, any thoughts on how waterproof the wheelchair is or could it be made more waterproof with Tupperware boxes and plastic bags. She only needs to travel about 20 meters per day in it as it will be upstairs. It will prevent her needed carers to come I and shower her.
    Any thoughts?
    Ashley Remap Essex North.

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