Oct 162017

Any suggestions we can pass on would be welcome. I have explained we can’t help in Germany and Mark lives in Canada.







My sister in law has MS cannot move arms or legs …head movement ok ….wheel chair bound, is there a kindle style book that can be voice controlled and some kind of stand to hold book at correct height etc so she can read? and turn pages etc by voice. My sister in law lives in Germany with her english husband.



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  1. There are a number of websites giving information on voice operation of Kindle, iPads and Android.

    Examples are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL4Kz1iKYD0 and https://gettecla.com/blogs/news/13884757-4-ways-quadriplegics-can-use-an-ipad-or-iphone

    A search for voice operated tablets will give many more.

    Hope this is of assistance.

  2. Hi, talking to a friend I am passing on these suggestions – You could try a Manfrotto “Magic Arm” see https://www.manfrotto.co.uk/magic-arm-with-bracket and a suitable bracket such as https://www.manfrotto.co.uk/super-photo-clamp-without-stud-aluminium.
    Manfrotto are a major worldwide supplier of photographic clamps etc so will probably be available in Canada.

    Using the stand alone Alexa device could be better than using the Kindle version – it has a really neat array of 7 microphones so its speech recognition is superb.
    Hope this helps – I really know nothing about all this, just passing on info

  3. I haven’t tried this myself – but it looks fairly straightforward to do this on a suitable Android tablet, running the Kindle app and some inexpensive additional apps.

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