Jun 152017

Richard Brown, Basingstoke is asking for help with this please.

Lucy is a young, very sociable lady who is a resident in a very special care home supporting young adults with complex needs and visual impairments. Her health issues mean that she now has to have all her meals pureed to a very fine degree. The meals are industrially produced and supplied in frozen packs. Her carers say:

‘Once, her favourite thing to do was going out for meals and to be able to choose what she would like to eat from a menu. She has little control in her life due to health needs but she always remained in charge of her meal choices. This is now an impossible task. Restaurants and pubs refused to puree meals and any technology we purchased would not puree her meal to a safe consistency. If our individual had a small battery operated portable puree machine than she could go back to what she loved most. She could join her peers in restaurants of her choice and enjoy days out without having to bring a flask from home which contains her ready pureed meals.’

This the wish, but the deeper problem is that even in the care home kitchens they cannot produce meals to the right degree of ‘puree’ particularly when the ‘wish list’ includes meats and other difficult foods. At present she is entirely dependent on the commercial supplies.

We are out of practical ideas on this one, does anyone know an answer?

Richard Brown – Basingstoke Panel.

Email: brown@ilexind.plus.com  Tel: 01189 700100

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  1. There are many portable rechargeable battery blenders advertised, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyYZpDHNGMQ. But for blending full meals may require more power and a larger container.

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