Mar 302017

Tom Bradley from the Gloucester panel would like some ideas about  adapting a play station controller.

Thank you

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  1. The client is a young man with muscular dystrophy with small hands.
    He has difficulty holding an Xbox controller & finds the force required to operate the joystick switch excessive.
    Replacing the switch on the joystick with a microswitch helps but it is still too big.
    What seems to be needed is a scaled down Xbox controller.
    I plan to 3d print a scaled down Xbox case (a challenge in its self) but require very small joysticks. I have built a joystick using a spring with four magnets & four hall effect sensors connected to an Arduino with the intension of interfacing to the Xbox electronics using digital pots. The joysticks don’t feel right because of the spring .
    At Naidex I visited the stand & plan to use the joysticks they use in their force sensing joysticks with their co-operation.
    The operating principle is four conductive foam pads compressed by a disc connected to a stick forming four variable resistors. The feel is very good.
    I am struggling to create a CAD model of an Xbox to print a scaled down version

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