Mar 152017

Has anyone any ideas of how to help Terry from Jersey?




I don’t know if you might be able to help me please, I’ve stumbled across your website by pure chance. I’m disabled with multiple sclerosis, have limited mobility, but still drive with hand controls.

I was driving using the steering spinner shown on this web page and also below: ,


but when I changed car I left the spinner in the old car because the buyer wanted it and I thought it’d be a good time to treat myself to a brand new one with new foam, however Alfred Bekker have told me that they’ve stopped making those spinners because it was apparently too hard/time consuming to fit the foam all around.

Their webpage ( ) has never been updated and still shows an old product image, to Alfred Bekker’s discredit and to my frustration, they seem incapable of correcting the erroneous photo.


Having actually bought the spinner again from Alfred Bekker, what I actually got was the new version, it’s like the photo below, except it has foam around it, i.e., the same as what I wanted, except it doesn’t join up in the middle.

So I’ve got an idea. Maybe I can get somebody to join a new spinner in the middle somehow by welding or bolting some metal across the gap, and then once the gap is bridged, get the whole oval covered in some sort of durable/comfortable foam or handlebar tape?


What do you think? Is that a viable idea? And would you maybe be able to help me please?


Thanks and regards, Terry Leavis




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  1. This job has now been completed (by post – no expenses-paid trips to Jersey):

  2. Paula, It is not possible to respond in any detail without seeing the photo mentioned, but one of the Berks members is willing to take it on. I will contact you by email to make arrangements.

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