Mar 082017

David Martin has been asked for help from someone in Plymouth and the nearest panel is unable to help.

All I know is that she’s a double below knee amputee with lupus and a mum to 4. She wants a way to keep knee pads on whilst ‘walking’ on her knees and a way of fixing flippers to her stumps for swimming!


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  1. No experience of either of the issues, however might be worth trying the following –
    Using work trousers, which have integral pockets for knee pads.
    Insert pads. Shorten trouser legs and close off to correspond with stumps.
    Use a belt, or pref bracers to prevent the trousers / pads migrating due to the friction of “walking”.
    Not elegant but might work.
    Regarding the flippers. Sorry no practical solutions, but maybe Headley Court ( Military Hospital ) could advise.

  2. It is likely to be difficult to get a remote Remap member to travel to Plymouth. Do we know why Plymouth are unable to help? Lack of ideas, or lack of a particular skill? If the latter, another Panel should be able to help.

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