Sep 082016

Further to the presentation at the AGM, a number of panels are now using our Office 365 solution. This gives panels:

  • A number of mailboxes in the form (e.g.,  etc. )
  • The online versions of MS Office products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • User storage and shared panel storage in the cloud
  • Other tools such as shared calendars if you wish to use them

The service was launched in order to:

  1. Give a more professional image by using consistent email address formats, and to save panels having to publish personal email addresses or having to apply for webmail accounts
  2. Make it easier for panels to change people in and out of key roles
  3. Reduce the risk of data loss through people’s personal machines failing, as data is stored in the cloud
  4. Remove the need for panels to buy their own copies of MS Office in most cases
  5. Assist panels who might have very little IT experience within their teams

If you have any questions regarding the service, please post them up.


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  1. Hi Ian

    1. Is Internet access required to run Office 365 or will it run locally (except for file access, of course)?
    2. Will you be able to, say, run a PowerPoint presentation at places without internet access?
    3. Is it advisable to install the various MS viewers on the local machine?
    4. Do files sync automatically between cloud and local machine?
    5. Is the secure pdf referral form available yet? We had a specific request from OTs concerned about confidentiality and data security.


    • Hi Steve – sadly, although Microsoft have been generous enough to give us the proverbial “free meal”, its a bit of a bangers and mash offering so doesn’t cover the licensing of the full office suite on your own machine. So it’s their online offering only. You can pop3/IMAP connect to your mailbox from your favourite mail application though.

      However, there is nothing to stop you saving a PPT created online to your local machine and running the Microsoft PPT viewer to say, give a demo or talk without needing any internet access.

      You can sync between local machine and the cloud – there is a utility to download, which I confess I haven’t personally used yet, but its on my list to try out.

      Happy to set you up with a test account if you want to give it a go.

      Secure PDF form is just going through final review so bear with me and I’ll be in touch and also post on here when its ready.

      Regards, Ian

  2. Hi Ian
    Does this work with Apple?

    • Hi Jill – I’m a die hard PC user (!) so I can only comment based on the only Apple device I have which is my iPad. O365 presents slightly differently in Safari and invites the use of various apps which *may* have cost implications for the user.

      The way I got around this was to load the Chrome browser app on my iPad so everything is where I expect it to be, and contained completely within the browser and therefore free of charge.

      Happy to set you up with a test account to play with if you wish?

      Regards, Ian

  3. Hi Ray – it’s already up and running. It just needs me to set you up with accounts which just takes a few minutes and you’re on your way. It all runs in your browser so nothing to install locally. I’ll drop you an email directly with a bit more information.

    Regards, Ian

  4. Ian
    How do we implement this? I currently use office 2007

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