Remapedia moved

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Oct 042017

Just to advise that Remapedia has also been moved to the same new hosting provider as the blog. Hopefully, this will remove the problems we have had with the sites being offline over recent months.

Blog moved

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Oct 022017

Just for information, the blog has been moved to a different hosting provider today. This is just a test posting.

Issue 2 of Secure Project Record

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Mar 212017

Following feedback from some panels, issue 2 of the Secure Project Record is now available for distribution. It includes some amendments as follows:

Guidance and compatibility notes added

Age if under 17 box added

Publicity section added

Change to location of Remap case number


Please contact me for further details.

Sep 082016

Further to the presentation at the AGM, a number of panels are now using our Office 365 solution. This gives panels:

  • A number of mailboxes in the form (e.g.,  etc. )
  • The online versions of MS Office products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • User storage and shared panel storage in the cloud
  • Other tools such as shared calendars if you wish to use them

The service was launched in order to:

  1. Give a more professional image by using consistent email address formats, and to save panels having to publish personal email addresses or having to apply for webmail accounts
  2. Make it easier for panels to change people in and out of key roles
  3. Reduce the risk of data loss through people’s personal machines failing, as data is stored in the cloud
  4. Remove the need for panels to buy their own copies of MS Office in most cases
  5. Assist panels who might have very little IT experience within their teams

If you have any questions regarding the service, please post them up.