Rick runs for Remap!

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Oct 162014

Rick Kempster, a volunteer with the Portsmouth group, is getting his running shoes on to take part in the Great South Run on Sunday 26th October. Click on the following link if you can support Rick. https://www.justgiving.com/Rick-Kempster1/

Summary of AGM 2014

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Sep 112014


Summary of Remap 2010 AGM

Held on Saturday 5th July 2014

Wellcome Collection, London



  1. Adoption of Minutes of 2013 AGM

The Minutes of the meeting were adopted without dissent.


  1. Adoption of the Accounts for 2013/14

The accounts were presented by Andrew Waters as Treasurer and were adopted without dissent. Andrew explained that there was a deficit of circa 27k due in part to a drop in income from legacies and a reduction in panel and Head Office income. Expenditure from Head Office was in line with the previous year.



  1. Adoption of the Annual Report 2013/14

The Annual report for 2013/14 was presented by the CEO. Overall job numbers had fallen by 2% to 3552, however 35 panels increased activity and 5 panels increased their number by more than 50%. Cornwall grew numbers by more than 100%.


  1. Appointment of the Reviewing Accountant

The re-appointment of Auker Hutton as the reviewing accountant was agreed without dissent.

5 Opportunities and Challenges: Adam RoweThe CEO shared firstly with the audience the areas of challenge as he saw it, mainly concentrating on a shifting funding landscape and highlighted the need for all of Remap to fundraise as one with emphasis on how the challenge for core funding is increasing. Other challenges include the panel demographic, communication and changes to how the health service are structuring Occupational Therapy services and teams. 

Opportunities included strong areas of good practice amongst panels, the recruitment of new trustees and new staff to support the panels, more focus on fundraising of trusts and foundations and the PR campaign to celebrate 50 years of Remap.

Adam highlighted the detail of the fundraising strategy and shared with panels the need for improving the data collected from the panels and the frequency of its collection.

  1. Re-election of Trustees: Tony Shipley

Tony Shipley was re-elected without dissent

  1. Questions to Trustees

New Remapedia much improved, invitation to be issued to all members to give feedback.

Remapedia has tremendous potential but people must post projects asnd project loading must be as simple as possible, some members think it is too complicated.


Reg Nicholls, Great Yarmouth, argued that as no engineers being trained/recruited so Remap won’t exist as we know it. Adam explained new organisations must be approached such as Men in Sheds, the Maker movement and Hackspace.  Members were urged to contact such groups


I Tanner, Peterborough, is still meeting OTs who haven’t heard of Remap and suggested panels should contact local colleges of OTs .  Lynne Askham, Essex  North East, tries to recruit new OTs this way.  Marion Walsh, S Bucks, introduces junior OTs to Remap. New trustees with OT experience are being recruited to  advise.


Q about trustees backgrounds, they all made presentations on who they were and their experience.


Alan Sutton, Derby, would like panel websites to be integrated asap please. PP and LB to start.


Comments made that the Remap profile needs to be higher – there is a PR campaign under way and ‘Saints and Sinners’ is due for autumn broadcast.


A comment that the Remap name and logo don’t mean anything and all publicity must say what we do.


A question was raised about the ease of taking money back from the centre, examples were given and Kent West commented they had been helped by the fund and had since repaid the funds given to build motorized bowling wheelchairs.  John Cole, Norfolk West, asked if there were any spare wheel chair motors and was directed to the Kent West panel.


Ian Tanner, Peterborough, asked about drop in panel funds. He is confused by mixed messages about funding HO, especially in absence of being asked for money.

Can gift aid money back from HMRC be shown in accounts?

Is regional organisation money for regional meetings?

John Fox raised problem of legacies not matching in accounts.


Brian Weatherill, Basingstoke asked what is the FR target and what do we do with the funds?  Adam replied the first ambition is to break even, then to spend.

Bruce Carr, N Herts, cautioned about the amount of information being asked for by HO as they don’t want more administration.  Adam suggested the panels recruit volunteers to do administration, fundraising etc.  Lynn Askham does this in Essex and other panels have taken on someone to do social media.

Data protection of client’s details would need to be checked if asking panels for them.  Legislation to be checked.

It was suggested the Volunteer Co-ordinator role should be time limited, as agreed last year. Adam’s response – the role is planned to be permanent but will be reviewed annually against objectives and subject to ongoing funding.

Request was made for the banners etc to be widely available.

A comment was made that Remap should make it clear mit is a charity on the posters, and banners, a review was promised.

A comment was made concerning the age categories of clients, the NHS uses 0-19 as category, not 0-18, review promised.



  1. Any other business


Remap attracting considerable attention among disability sports organisations

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Oct 102012

(posted by Susan Iwanek)
Following Derek Derenalagi’s gold medal at the European Championships in June, and the other successful throwing seat projects done by various panels as a consequence, Remap is much in demand among disability sports organisations.

In particular, England Athletics are inviting Remap to be present at all their coaching conferences and technical workshops to meet athletes needing help. We have also established contact with Wheelpower, who are based at Stoke Mandeville and are involved in a wide range of sporting opportunities for people who use wheelchairs. They are very keen for Remap to get involved across the board, and particularly, in the first instance, in fencing, archery, ice sledge hockey and throwing (discus, javelin etc). In addition, we have met CP Sport, potentially a very important partner given the number of clients with cerebral palsy that Remap has. They too are impressed with Remap’s work and enthusiastic about the potential for panels to help more of their people.

We are attending events frequently to promote Remap and are optimistic that there will be a sustained flow of projects for panels coming out of it.

If panels receive direct referrals for this kind of project, please do keep us informed so that we can build up a complete picture of Remap’s great work and growing reputation in this field.

News coverage for Derek

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Aug 302012

(posted by Paula Allchin)

Derek has been featured in several newspapers recently.  The best coverage from Remap’s point of view was in last Sunday’s Sunday Mirror:


He was also pictured on the front page of Wednesday’s Sun.


Tomorrow is Derek’s big day, the final of his event, F57 Discus, is at 19.05, Friday 31st August.

Good luck Derek!

Derek wins gold at the European games and is picked for the Paralympic team

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Jul 122012

Derek Derenalagi, the discus thrower for whom the South Bucks panel made a throwing frame, won gold at the European Games in Holland on June 24, and this week the announcement was made that he has been picked for the British Paralympic team. Hopes for him are high; at the European games he beat the Russian world record holder, who will be his chief rival at the Olympic Stadium in August.

Another Remap client picked for the Paralympics is Kieran Tscherniawsky, who also throws discus but in a different class from Derek as he has cerebral palsy. Kieran has had his throwing chair adapted by Remap’s Leicester panel. His trainer felt it was too close to the Paralympics for him to adapt to an entirely new chair in time, but the panel are likely to be building him a fresh one after the Paralympics, in preparation for the World Cup in two years’ time.

I am sure every Remap member will be cheering Derek and Kieran on and hoping for medals for them.

Ice sledge hockey players seek Remap’s help

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Apr 182012

Following the much-admired project by the South Bucks panel to help disabled discus-thrower Derek, Remap have now been approached to help disabled servicemen play ice sledge hockey. This is a sport that enables disabled people to compete alongside the able-bodied. Looks fast and furious!

Martin Colclough from the Battle Back initiative at Help for Heroes emailed us yesterday giving us the sledge hockey contact and saying:

“Looks like you have done a fantastic job on Derek’s throwing frame – I love it.  I will, as always, keep my ear to the ground and will let you know if I identify any other of our guys who could benefit from the expertise of your fantastic organisation.”