Funding for specialised disability equipment

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Sep 262013

(Posted by Jill Homewood)

The Kytes Trust can provide funding for individual items of equipment for disabled people. There are certain eligibility criteria to be met, for example applicants have to be in receipt of state benefits.

Application details can be found on the Charity Commission website or contact Jill Homewood (

Would panels like to have Remap mugs?

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Feb 222013

(posted by Susan Iwanek)
A group of panels in Essex are keen to have Remap branded mugs for promotional purposes. Since these are cheaper per mug if a large order is placed, we would like to order enough for any panel to have them if they wish. Would your panel like to have mugs to give to contacts and to distribute at events? They are a very useful way of keeping your name in front of target audiences. Please let Susan Iwanek know as soon as possible whether in principle you would like to have some and an idea of how many you would require.

Grant from Sainsbury Family Trust

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Oct 262012

(posted by Susan Iwanek)
We are pleased to announce we have been awarded a very generous grant by the Headley Trust, one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, who are giving us £30,000 a year for three years. The grant is towards core costs, but the Headley Trust was especially impressed by the projects Remap has been doing in the last year to help athletes and sportspeople.

Many thanks to the Headley Trust for this magnificent contribution to Remap’s work.

Another Remap project in the news

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Oct 102012

(posted by Susan Iwanek)
See the homepage of the Remap website (, under the heading ‘Remap engineers now helping athletes prepare for Rio 2016’ for news footage about working being done by the Herts South project of thrower Shaun Sewell. The footage, shot by Voice of America and broadcast at the end of the Paralympics, shows panel members David Sheffield and Doug Watt talking about how they were approaching the challenge and chairman of trustees Peter Parry talking about the principles behind the design.

Sports stories and gardening stories: information please

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Jul 162012

(posted by Susan Iwanek

There are two types of case I am particularly interested in at the moment: cases involving sports, and cases involving gardening.

Have you done work recently to help clients get involved in sport? We are aiming to produce a leaflet dedicated to sporting projects, building on panels’ successes with throwing seats for clients such as Derek Derenalagi. Sailing-oriented projects would be of particular interest as we have a display in Weymouth during the Paralympics. Please let me know of anything like this and send pictures if possible.

Secondly, we have the opportunity of getting coverage in the Sunday Telegraph if we have good gardening stories. They are running a feature entitled ‘gardening against the odds’ and the journalist concerned has approached me to ask if Remap has done cases that fit this theme. Have you helped someone continue their gardening hobby when they were faced with having to give it up. Do let me know!

Please let me have your stories as soon as possible.

Fundraising for Remap

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Apr 182012

(posted by Susan Iwanek)
Two lovely people doing fundraising for Remap – Wendy Ward, the daughter of Roger Allen of the South Bucks panel, is climbing Snowdon on June 30th, and Helen Williams is doing a sky-dive! At the time of writing we don’t know Helen’s connection with Remap. Can anyone enlighten us?

Radio 4 appeal

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Mar 222012

The CEO was at Broadcasting House last Thursday to hear Quentin Cooper record his appeal for funds for Remap, to be broadcast on Sunday 15 April. He did an excellent job of conveying in just two minutes what a marvellous charity Remap is. Special mention was made of a project to help Derek, who lost his legs in Afghanistan but is trying for a paralympics medal later this year. For more about this, see the next blog posting.

Quentin is the presenter of Radio 4’s Material World, and has a strong interest in science and technology. As well as recording our appeal he paid tribute to Remap in a separate statement which the BBC will use in publicity for the appeal on its website.

The appeal will be broadcast at 7.55 am and 21.26 on Sunday 15 April and repeated on Thursday 19 April at 15.27.
Please let everyone you can know that it is taking place.

New exhibition panels and folders

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Oct 192011

These are the images of the freestanding banners not included in the last bulletin.

banner 1, Sylvia,

recruitment                                Banner 2, Alice                             banner 3, Helen

banner 1 Sylvia recruitment Banner_artwork_AliceBanner_artwork_Helen


banner 4, words only

 Banner_artwork_Text Only

The banners in use at a recent exhibition

remap 165


Card folders (above).  There are two sizes, one to take A4 inserts the other to take A5.  These are designed to hold the case cards shown in the previous article, they can also hold locally produced material.

New publicity/exhibition materials

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Oct 192011

Three new publicity items are now available – case cards, exhibition panels and folders.

We have just six case cards at the moment, but intend to do a lot more to build up into a library, and we would like eventually to have cards representing every panel’s work. The cards are A5-sized  and double-sided. In each case the front of the card contains the main picture and bullet points about the benefit to the client, while on the back is a little technical detail about the project and contact details for the panel which did it. There is also room for a sticky label to be added if panels want to do this – the reference for the label which fits is Avery multi-function labels, product no 3651, 52.5mm x 29.7 mm. You can see images of the cards below, and we can send you samples if you quote the reference number. You can make each image a bit bigger by clicking on it, which should make it just possible to read.

We also have four pull-up exhibition panels, which work like a upside-down roller blind. Images of these will be posted shortly – this page doesn’t seem to want any more images put into it. So far we just have two sets, but want them to be available to any panel which needs them for an event. They are neat and compact, and come in a cardboard box that can be posted, and are simple to put up and take down as long as you take care to ensure they roll straight. Dependent on what the demand pattern looks like, we may order more sets.

Finally, we have folders, both A5, which hold the case cards, the recruitment leaflet and the OT brochure neatly, and A4, when documents need to be included. A single image of the folder front will be posted along with the banner images, hopefully very shortly.


001R  Coventry/Warwickshire case card, Keith

case card Keith - front case card Keith - back

002R Coventry/Warwickshire case card, Joan

case card Joan - front case card Joan - back

003R Coventry/Warwickshire case card, Aidan

case card Aidan - front case card Aidan - back

004R Coventry/Warwickshire case card, John

case card John - front case card John - back

005R Leicester case card, Sylvia

case card Sylvia - front case card Sylvia - back

006R Worcester case card, Michelle

case card Michelle - front case card Michelle - back

007V recruitment card (with Gloucester picture)

recruitment card - front recruitment card - back