Oct 302017

Hi Folks There two chairs available need batteries (£150.00 for the wheel chair, £300 for the scooter) otherwise free to good homes… Available for collection any time. GU4 7ND Would just love to get them out of the workshop!

Also have a bed over free standing hoist and left hooker straight stanner stair lift needing new homes.

Jim Allen Surrey Remap Panel Projects Manager  jim.allen1@talktalk.net

Jun 012017

 Equipment available from Don Grove, Devon South grove@donandsandra.plus.com

Attached is a photo showing the motors , from left to right they are:-


12v reversible DC motor of unknown speed.

230v  reversible  AC motor 44 RPM.

230v AC motor 5300 RPM.

230 AC vacuum pump.


Not shown:

230v 1hp reversible motor, due to its size it is big and heavy!


The second photo shows:-

A charger for NiCad batteries

An adjustable DC power supply that has a 24V 10Va rating transformer, I can’t remember what the output was, I made it 19 years ago and only used it a few times.


There is also:


A selection of capacitors, resistors, I/c’s & transistors

Some small relays of 12/24v coil

A number of transformers of varying voltages and ratings

Some unused Vero board also a Qty of populated Vero boards with reusable components on them.

2 Die cast boxes, one with a 3/4 hole in the side 4.75 x 3.75 x 2.25 inches

1 ABS box RS Stock No 509-591

1 ABS box RS Stock No 502-613

A smaller scruffy one 4 x 2 x 1 inches.



Jan 192017

The Shropshire panel recently collected some equipment from a former panel member who wanted it to go to a good home.  If any panel needs any of the following please contact John Graham shropshire.chairman@remapgroups.org.uk

1 off single track ceiling hoist – mains. Wispa make

1 off twin track ceiling hoist system – rechargeable.

1 off portable/collapsible hoist in golf bags.

1 off over-bed table.

1 off window opener/closer.

1 off curtain opener/closer.

3 off grab handles.

Various lengths of Unistrut and studding.


Jul 182016

(posted by Paula Allchin)

Derrick Jenkins (South Wales) writes: 

I have in my possession a pair of Mecano, single-bed, raisers, complete with bracketry, castors and controller which we have used for a couple of clients in the past and which were returned to me when the clients had no further need of them. I will gladly get them dispatched to any REMAP panel who can find a use for them providing they pay for transportation. They are five or six years old but haven’t been used very much by either client and are in very good condition. I think they have a 10″ lift  but I can send a detailed specification to anyone interested.




‘Antique’ lathe offered

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Jul 112016

(posted by Paula Allchin)

We have received the following email and wondered if anyone was interested.  Please contact Celia direct on  celiadiane@hotmail.co.uk


Hi My father a skilled engineer died in January this year He lived in Clayhall Ilford.(IG5 area) I am clearing his house and am desperately looking for a home for his beloved lathe.It’s a big heavy old thing -must be 100 years old .He converted it from treadle to electric. It has both metal and wood working chucks .He was using it up till he became I’ll this year.It was an incredibly important tool for him and I would gate for it to be dismantled as scrap so I would like to find someone who would enjoy using it.I have plenty of photos Would anyone in your organisation be interested.Many thanks



Feb 152016

(posted by Paula Allchin)

 Ian Cole (Southampton) has just passed this information on for sharing.

I have just found out about this software called ‘CADSTAR schematics’ which is being offered as a free download until 31st. March 2016.  I have found this to be a very user-friendly electronics drawing package which normally costs £635, this is the latest version.

It can be obtained from the website below.  It requirea the members MAC address and in the user details box called ‘company’, I filled this in as “REMAP (Charity remap.org.uk)”, which worked for me.






Aug 032015

Ian Cole (Southampton and West Hants Panel) writes:

We have recently had two items returned to us because the client using them had died.  They are units to convert ceiling mounted hoist pneumatic control units to string operation, please refer to photos attached.  We intend to store these units but as we have only had two clients requesting these in the last 10 years, I do not have much hope of us using them. 

If another panel has a use for either item please contact Ian ianvdiana@aol.com

Hoist Hand Control DSC08405




Stair lift available

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May 272015

(posted by Paula Allchin)

Mike Steele is disposing of a stair-lift that was installed in a two up two down cottage in Pickering North Yorks.

It would like to offer it to any Remap panel.

He can be contacted at:

Mike Steele

Kale Pot Hole



YO18 8HU

01751 472531





Apr 202015

(posted by Paula Allchin)

We have received this email from Gary Evans of Demand gary.evans@demand.org.uk very kindly offering a lathe to anyone who would like it. Please contact Gary.


We’re moving stuff around here and will be getting rid of a fine Colchester Student Lathe.

It is in full working order although the auto lock lever needs to be held in place using a spring or a short bungie cord.

It comes complete with a 6″ and 12″ face place, 3 jaw chuck and chuck spanner.

We’d love to see it go to a good home. Its done stirling service.

Best regards




Dec 092014

“OT (activity) chairs for cannibalising


A special needs school have four old surplus indoor activity chairs (also called OT chairs) which are going to the skip if homes are not found. They are a bit old and have been offered to other potential users without success. They seem sound but are missing their mains charging leads. Need to be collected from Reading, preferably before 19 Dec. Nice chassis with castors, adjustable seat and electric lifting mechanism which could be cannibalised for a Remap project.


A description of this type of chair can be found here:


Please contact Robert Monk of the Berks panel if you are interested and for more information.

0118 9471324



chair4 (2) chair3 (2) chair2 chair1 (2)