This is the Remap on-line Newsletter for all Remap members.  Entries are displayed in reverse-chronological order with the newest first .

It’s here to provide the Chief Executive and Trustees with a method of keeping Panel Officers and others up to date with what is going on in Remap.  It doesn’t replace more formal publications but is rather a “rolling newsletter” which anyone can read.  It also provides a forum for members to seek assistance on projects.

The content is listed both along the top menu bar and in the box to the right. New articles are always listed in the “Most Recent” box

Text Size

To increase the text size hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard down and press the + symbol on the numeric keypad.  To decrease text size use the Ctrl key and – on the keypad.

NOTE – Like most Blogs the latest information is at the top – if you want to find the introductory article which explains each category you need to scroll to the BOTTOM of the list of articles.


Anyone can read this, no registration or other formality is required.  Some sections such as the requests for help allow you to respond and post comments. If you wish to do this the first time you do so your post will be held until approved by an administrator.  This is necessary to prevent spam messages appearing.  Once your first message is approved all further ones from you will go through automatically.

Keeping Up To Date

To help you keep up with entries made in this Blog you can elect to be notified of any changes occurring in it (such as articles being added)  by e-mail. Simply click on the “e-mail notification” box near the bottom of the bar on the right of the screen and enter your e-mail address.  You will get no more than one e-mail  a day no matter how many posts have been made that day (sent about 23:00 hrs) and then only if any changes have been made in the last 24 hours.

I strongly suggest you use this facility so you can keep up to date.

(You can also use RSS to follow changes.  If you know what RSS is you will know how to do this.)


Project Help

You can use this blog to ask other panels for help on projects.  To do so please send and e-mail to the national office outlining the problem and the help you need.  They will post it on the newsletter.